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In Depth Extended Astrology Reading

In Depth Extended Astrology Reading

The extended reading grants you some extra time with me to focus on any aspect of your chart that is of particular interest to you. You may have extra questions about your natal chart or transiting planets affecting your natal chart. How you would like to spend this extra time is up to you! The in depth extended astrology reading lasts 2 full hours in person or is 7-8 pages in length in file form sent to you via email.
Copy of your natal (birth) chart
Your balance between feminine and masculine principles (Yin and Yang)
Your elements (fire, earth, air & water) in percentages 
Your qualities (cardinal, fixed & mutable) in percentages 
Full interpretation of your natal chart
  Description of the aspects between your planets 
Description of how transitting planets are effecting you
Advice/ direction on love, career, or family (your choice)
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