Astrological Calendar 2021
  • Astrological Calendar 2021

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    The Astrological Calendar takes a look at the way our ancient ancestors kept track of the year, through the signs of the zodiac. 
    We start the astrological year with the sign of Aries, which coincides with the first day of spring (about March 20th each year). 
    There are 12 astrological signs that make up a 12 month year. Keep track of birthdays, meetings, appointments and more! 
    See how your year plays out astrologically! This calendar features:
    	Beautiful original artwork
    	12 astrological months
    	Astrology facts and trivia 
    	Planetary movements plus full & new moon dates
    	National holidays and events
    	Gregorian calendar dates
    	Printed in the U.S.A.
    Created by self-published local artist from the Dallas-Fort Worth area